Our Plan is to eliminate 3,700,000 Metric Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. That's equivalent to 804,000 motor cars off the road each year.

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  • Olivia Kelly

10 Energy Facts You May Not Know!

If you're wondering how solar transformed from a subsidy-reliant niche product to an unstoppable force in our electrical future, here's the low down.

1. 15% of Australian roofs are solar paneled. This is the highest rate of any other country in the world

2. No electricity source can be built or repaired as quickly as solar

3. It takes 1 hour for the sun to provide the earth with more energy than it will use in a year

4. Every degree over 20 degrees can add 10% to your heating bill

5. You can save $115 per year by washing your clothes in cold water

6. Solar panels convert sunlight to DC electricity

7. Inverters convert DC electricity to AC electricity

8. Electricity not used within the home is sent to the grid to be used elsewhere

9. Solar energy is renewable and can be replenished over time

10. PV panels are mainly made from silicon, which means that there is no danger from any leakage of toxins or fumes.