Our Plan is to eliminate 3,700,000 Metric Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. That's equivalent to 804,000 motor cars off the road each year.

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How To Reduce My Power Bill

If you are on our website its pretty safe to say you would like to reduce your power bill. The greatest savings on your power bill will come from a well designed solar system its a no brainer. Having said that it doesn't stop there you can do more! My life experience has taught me in order to solve a problem you need to know how something works before you can get to a solution. So lets break down what most Australian homes power profile looks like.

This graph shows how most household energy consumption works. majority of our bill is spent on heating and cooling.

How to save energy in key areas of your home.


Set your heat to 18-20°C – each degree over 20°C uses around 10% more energy. When it's really cold, snuggle up under an electric throw, turn off your portable heater and save between $70 and $280 a year.


Set your air con to 24°C or higher – each degree under uses 5% more energy.Use fans instead of air con – and save between $40 and $200 a year. Only use your air con when it gets over 30°C and save between $50 and $340 a year.

Hot water

We know 4 minute showers save water, but did you know they could save you between $60 and $650 a year? Change your shower head to a 3-star rated one – and save between $190 and $700 a year.

Entertainment & office

Simply switch off, when you’re not streaming and you could save between:

$25 and $45 a year on your TV, sound bar and game console.$30 and $55 a year on your desktop computer, modem and printer.


Set your fridge to 4 or 5℃ and your freezer to -15℃. Each degree colder uses 5% more energy


Gas is the most efficient way to cook. But if you don’t have gas, there are other ways to save:

Your microwave uses up to 80% less energy than your electric stove If you are using the stove – keep a lid on your pots. You use up to 70% less energy this way Turn the grill on and get out your toaster - it uses 33% less energy to make toast.


Wash your clothes in cold water, and save between $85 and $145 a year. Hang your washing out once a week, instead of tumble drying, and save between $40 and $80 a year.


Switch on few lamps and turn off your down-lights and save between $50 and $140 a year.