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Is Solar Worth it in 2020?

The start of the new year brings changes to Australia’s hugely popular solar rebate. Solar power system buyers may not see a significant impact.

While there were some questionable operators alluding to the subsidy ending on December 31 last year, this isn’t so. The situation may still have some people confused, so here’s a summary of what’s happening in 2020.

Small-scale Technology Certificates are still here!. These certificates have a value – around $37 each at the moment; but their value fluctuates depending on market conditions.

The number of certificates a system is eligible for is based on three factors:

1) System Size. 2)Your Location 3) When your installation takes place.

Solar Subsidy Still Generous In 2020

If you weren’t able to install solar in 2019, there’s no need to feel as though you’ve missed out in a big way. For example, in 2020 the subsidy on a 6.6kW solar system installed in Melbourne is worth around $3,182 at current STC values; making early 2020 a great time to install solar panels.

However, also bear in mind the longer you put off installing solar panels, the longer you’re locking yourself into higher electricity bills – and don’t forget STC value can fluctuate with market conditions.

By the way, for readers in Victoria, you’ll still get to double-dip in 2020 and benefit from both the national subsidy and Victoria’s solar panel rebate. Currently $1,888 and a Interest free loan also available.