Our Plan is to eliminate 3,700,000 Metric Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. That's equivalent to 804,000 motor cars off the road each year.

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  • Olivia Kelly

Lighting: Impact on power consumption

Power consumption depends on the different lighting used.

There are four main types of lights:

1. An Incandescent globe is an older style of lighting, no longer able to be sold in many countries: it is effectively a filament heated until it glows and produces light. Incandescent lamps are very energy inefficient. There rated life is only a year.

2. A Halogen globe is a combination of halogen gas around a tungsten filament. Halogen lamps can operate at a much higher temperature and provide better light efficiency than incandescent lamps. Halogen lamps produce heat when operating and cannot be handled with bare hands. They are a good source of bright, focused lighting. They are now replaced predominately in the market by LED's their rated life is 1-3 years.

3. CFL globes is an adaptation of traditional fluorescent lighting that can be retrofitted into traditional light fittings to replace incandescent lamps for energy efficiency gains. There rated life is 6-10 years

4. LEDs are combined in groups in globes or light fittings to produce a bright and extremely power-efficient light source. Accelerated uptake of LED's for numerous applications, such as traffic lights and car headlights, has driven the costs down to cost parity with competing technologies. There rated life is 15-20 years they are the most efficient method for lighting.