Our Plan is to eliminate 3,700,000 Metric Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. That's equivalent to 804,000 motor cars off the road each year.

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  • Olivia Kelly

Scott Morrison vs. Bill Shorten Leaders Debate: Climate Change

Climate change discussion points

Last nights political debate ahead of the 2019 Australian election saw the prime minister and opposition leader both promising to deliver action on climate change. Shorten, highlighted the inaction that has been taken by the Liberal party and suggested that this will continue to happen if “we keep the same government in power.” However, Morrison rebutted saying that he regards climate change as a threat which requires urgent action which he will produce.

Shorten uses the idea of one of the Labor party’s climate policies that they hope to implement which is the aim to have 50% of all new cars sold in Australia to be electric by 2030. Morrison disputed this by emphasizing the significant cost of electric cars, that was quickly shut down by Shorten explaining that the cost of not changing is that we hand on a worse environment to the next generation.

Shorten guaranteed that if we invest in climate change policies and we’re fair dinkum, in the future we will have more jobs, in the future we’ll have lower energy prices, and we won’t be known as the generation that handed on a worst deal to future generations. He was applauded for this and also, for saying that Australian’s want politicians to get on with addressing the issue and points to the take up of rooftop solar as evidence of that. In conclusion, the coalitions emissions reduction target of 26% has not changed over the last four years, and it will meet its targets with a surplus of 369 million tons of carbon subsidizing which is a positive for climate change.

Here at State Energy Co., we hope whichever leader is elected has a strong passion for climate change action and implements policies that will help our world become more sustainable for the future, so we have a future.