Our Plan is to eliminate 3,700,000 Metric Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. That's equivalent to 804,000 motor cars off the road each year.

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Solar Power & Your Pool Pump.

Its not common knowledge that a pool pump can be a huge drain on the cost of your energy. So here is some tips on best managing it.

Basically you have two options when incorporating a renewable energy source. Take your pool pump off grid. Purchase a DC pool pump and a dedicated 4-6 solar panels to power it. This solution works by wiring the solar panels directly to the pump and when the sun shines the pool pump will run. Pros -Your pump in no longer reliant on grid power, saving you money. -You don't require grid connection approval for the equipment unlike a grid connect system.

-The pump will run less in winter and more in summer this usually coincides with pool usage Cons - You'll need to replace current pool pump. - If your panels are not producing enough power to the pump it wont work for long enough. -No back up if solar fails. -Pump wont work at night.

Power your pool pump with your grid connected solar system. If you buy a decent sized solar system 4.5KW+, this should be able to power your pool pump with exception to overcast days. To get the best benefit set the pool pump timer for 11am-1pm during Winter and 10am-3pm over Summer. Pros - You can keep your current pool pump

- You now have a solar system to now only run your pump but house appliances

- You'll have access to a feed in tariff and government rebates by going solar. Cons -Overcast days may result in buying power from the grid.