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Sungrow VS Growatt

At State Energy Co. We understand that going solar can be confusing, especially with all the rebates and product options available. So we have taken the two most value for money inverters on the market and compared them against one another.

The Tail of the tape.

Very close indeed, with Sungrow edging out Growatt on 4/6 most important criteria. Let's breakdown what each of these categories mean.

Efficiency Inverter efficiency is the ability to convert input to output. In summary this means Sungrow will capture more of the energy generated from the solar panels.

Max DC Input Max DC input is the amount of voltage it can handle from the solar panels. This means that Sungrow can handle more solar panels. Start Up Voltage This is the range of minimum voltage the inverter needs to turn on. Rated output AC power Is the maximun simultaneous AC output thus meaning Sungrow will produce more usable power.

Office in Australia Obvious explanation but Sungrow provides more peace of mind when dealing with warranty claims or issues as they have support right here in Australia.


Both come with 5 years standard warranty with options to extend to 10 years. At State Energy Co. We supply Sungrow with 10 years always.

In summary its a very tight contest but we've found Sungrow to be easier to install and more reliable with our warranty claims. The process is seamless due to the base they have in North Sydney. In addition the market share in places like Germany solidify the quality. So in our opinion Sungrow takes out the win as the most value for money inverter

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