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Victorian Rebate May Be Less Available

The Smart Energy Council's Rally. On the steps of the Victorian Parliament. 25/7/19

The Smart Energy Council is lobbying heavily that the Victorian Solar Homes program be more targeted so that those who would benefit most can get access to the program.

They are calling for the Victorian Government to lower the threshold for approval from $180,000 a year per household to $90,000 per year per household this making exclusive to only lower income households.

If this passes a large number of Victorian households will not be able to claim the rebate of $2,225. The current program is only allowing a small number of 3,333 households claim the rebate each month. In July the allocation only lasted 3 days. August its forecasted to not see out the first week.

In the past these sorts of incentives have provided great opportunity to purchase products at a reduced rate. One thing we can learn from the past is with all solar programs they are subject to rapid change and what can be a great today may not be there tomorrow.

This sort of urgency does two things for the Solar industry it creates demand which makes pricing more competitive. With price competition sadly some companies will try and cut cost at the consumers expense. So its more important now more then ever to make sure you're getting what you paid for. We have outlined the 8 most important things to look out for in our article titled 8 Tips for buying a solar system.

If you're wanting to take advantage of the program make sure you act on it in a timely matter applications re-open the start of every month and only subject to a limited number. We at State Energy Co. can assist with the application process and take care of all necessary paperwork making going solar a breeze. If you'd like to chat to our experts you can by clicking here

*The State Energy Co. supports the Victorian Solar Homes Program and will work with consumers and the Victorian Government to help Victorians slash their power bills and ensure a strong, sustainable and safe solar experience for Victorians.